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Mel Schnapper Associates is an international, multidisciplinary network of consultants which guarantees access to a broad spectrum of quality resources, programs and services. Mel, himself, brings over thirty years of experience as a Manager of, or Consultant to, Human Resource Development, Information Technology, Project Management, Executive Development and Strategic Planning functions in the corporate and international environments in the private and public sectors both in the US and internationally. Our services will bring you the benefits of:

  • Increased productivity at any level, for any function
  • Improved teamwork for increased vertical and horizontal alignment
  • Culturally appropriate skills for domestic and international diversity
  • Rigorous performance metrics for individuals, teams, or an entire company
  • Increased motivation and commitment to clear objectives
  • Creative thinking and skills to achieve excellence


We are committed to serving multinational and international organizations, worldwide, including private and public agencies, institutions, professional societies and other consulting firms.


Though a complete list and description of our services are in the website, some of our key services are:


  • Change Management Strategies
  • Change Management Consultants
  • Performance Management Metrics
  • International Human Resources Development
  • Personnel Management Consulting

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